Month: February 2020

Testimonial Caro

Caroline Dr Debbie Norval is a true artist who takes the utmost care in her work ‘The beautiful, but subtle way she sculpted my lips and erased all my lines had everyone asking me if I’d been on holiday. Dr Debbie helped me get my glow back. My skin has never looked so good! ‘Four …

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Testimonial Lise

Lise I have been seeing Dr Debbie Norval for more than two years … I have the utmost confidence in Dr Debbie’s expertise and the painstaking care she brings to her work. She is super professional, gentle in her approach, and always explains what every procedure entails. With Debbie, I feel as though I am …

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Injections 2

Lipolytic Injections

Lipolytic Injections Ceccarelli Solution Cecarrelli Solution is a safe, effective mesotherapy solution that removes fat cells in a localised area e.g.bra bulge, double chin or jowl area. Ceccarelli Solution was formulated by Professor Mauritzio Ceccarelli, a regenerative and physiological scientist from Italy. Cecarelli solution contains vitamin C and a tiny amount of iron. The vitamin …

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