Month: May 2020

Genii Aesthetic Roller

Genii Aestheti

Genii Aestheti Roller The Genii Aestheti-Roller, with titanium needles attached to a cylindrical roller, is used for regular home rolling ‒  0.25 mm for the face, 0.5mm for neck and body, or if skin texture is coarse. Rolling creates thousands of micro-channels into the epidermis, which increases penetration of creams and serums by 1500 %. …

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Michele Dr Debbie has been helping me retain my looks for the past eight years. This has involved mostly having fillers around the mouth and fat-dissolving injections that work wonders in halting the progression of jowls. All Dr Debbie’s treatments are highly satisfactory and so effective that nobody has guessed my real age, which is …

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Charmain Dr Debbie helped me change my life for the better physically, emotionally and spiritually As Dr Debbie’s former practice manager I could write books about what she meant to me; how she expanded my knowledge, my management skills, and self-esteem. Dr Debbie not only helped me become a much better therapist, she also pulled …

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Dr. Debbie Norval

About Dr Debbie Norval

About Dr Debbie Norval Dr Debbie Norval’s creativity, expertise and commitment to excellence, have made her a leader in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. Employing scientific artistry to restore youth, beauty, and confidence in her clients of all ages, she uses breakthrough innovations, key techniques, quality products and authentic enhancement to advance skin health. Leonardo …

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Stella Dr Debbie gave me a new lease on life and helped renew my confidence From a young age, I suffered from varicose veins inherited from my mom. After seeing many doctors I eventually consulted with Dr Debbie Norval in 2011. Dr Debbie’s calm professionalism and her caring manner hugely impressed me as I had …

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