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Botulinum Toxin Injections

Botulinum Toxin Type A: Wrinkle relaxing Injections

Botulinum Toxin is a muscle relaxant that temporarily smooths out fine lines by relaxing the hyperactive underlying muscles. Used artfully, it reduces dynamic wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that create them, resulting in a younger, fresher appearance. It is a simple and quick procedure involving a few tiny injections.

  • Botulinum Toxin effectively treats “crow’s feet” around the eyes, frown lines and forehead lines. It is also used to reduce overactive expressions like “bunny lines” on the nose., and a sad looking downturned “mouth frown”, or hyperactive platysmal bands on the neck.
  • Your expressions – laughing, crying, frowning, focusing – gradually create a permanent “etching” on your skin as it loses elasticity and integrity with age. Injections to relax the underlying overactive muscles are administered at a dose that results in a natural, refreshed, but not frozen appearance. The aim is natural-looking results, still enabling some facial expression.
  • We tailor your treatment especially for you and charge per unit used.
  • Results become visibible within 2 weeks and usually last between three to four months, depending on the dose and area treated, your metabolism and other external factors.  
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Crows Feet

The crow’s feet area is treated with an average dose of up to 20 units for women, and up to 30 units for men. We adjust the amount needed to soften the effects of ageing while retaining natural movement and expression.

Crows Feet before and after Botox


Using Botulinum Toxin for frown lines is a great way to reduce any appearance of tension or anger, making you look more refreshed and approachable instead of ‘permanently cross’ or anxious .

Botox Frown Lines
Before and after frown lines softened using Botox

Forehead lines

Botulinum Toxin can reduce dynamic frown lines by relaxing the muscles that create them. Treating your forehead will help you look ‘happier’ and ‘fresher’. This, in turn, can significantly change the way you feel about yourself.

Forehead Lines
Examples of frown lines before and after Botox

A protein derived from the Clostridium Botulinum Bacterium, Botulinum Toxin is actually a purified by-product, making it safe to use. It has been safely used in cosmetic medicine for 25 years.

Besides cosmetic applications,  Botulinum Toxin can treat chronic pain, migraines, tension headaches, teeth grinding, excessive sweating and more than 300 other medical conditions.

While there’s no downtime, we do recommend not putting pressure on treated sites for up to five days.