Patient Care

Everything you need to know pre and post-procedures


Carboxytherapy care

Carboxytherapy Carboxytherapy is the subcutaneous administration of medical grade carbon dioxide gas through localised micro-injections using a very fine needle. The therapy is safe and non-toxic and works by increasing the blood supply to the tissues, as well as introducing growth factors to stimulate the production of collagen. Carboxytherapy has multiple uses in aesthetic medicine …

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Dermapen Infuse™

Dermapen Infuse™ Pre and Post Care Instructions Dermapen Infuse™ delivers a combination of four different yet complementary treatments, all aimed at collagen induction and improving the quality of the skin. Carboxytherapy Mesotherapy with a multi-injector gun Platelet Rich Plasma Microneedling with Dermapen Dermapen Infuse™ can also be used to deliver drugs such as local anaesthetic …

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Thread Lifting

Thread lifting pre and post care instructions

Pre and post care instructions Mint Lift® / Anchor / Spiral/Monofilament PDO Threading procedure Mint®/Anchor/Spiral/Monofilament PDO Threads are a type of skin suture made of an absorbable medical polymer called Polydioxanone.  There are multiple types of threads including uni- or bi-directional barbs and moulded anchors that are built into the suture and hold tissues in …

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Deb Botox3

Botox® pre and post care

BOTOX® pre and post care instructions Dr Debbie Norval only uses FDA approved Allergan manufactured Botox®.  Botox® is a protein derived from the Clostridium Botulinum Bacterium.  It is not the actual bacterium, only a purified by-product. Pre care Instructions Avoid blood-thinning over the counter medications such as aspirin, Brufen®, Voltaren® and other anti-inflammatory medications. Paracetamol …

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