Lipolytic Injections

Ceccarelli® Lipolysis solution

Ceccarelli® Lipolysis solution

 Pre and Post care instructions

The Ceccarelli® solution contains a combination of Vitamin C, iron and lignocaine. The Vitamin C is employed as a pro-oxidant; ascorbic acid acts as a reducing agent when mixed with iron, and Fenton’s metabolism is initiated. A mixture rich in hydroxyl type radicals is generated. These radicals signal the initiation of cellular apoptosis in fat cells, which causes an activation of the calcium channels in the cell membrane, resulting in an influx of calcium.
The increased levels of intracellular calcium results in the release of cytochrome C and a chain of events resulting in apoptosis of the fat cell.
The hydroxyl radicals act only on fat cells; the low concentration of Vitamin C does not harm skin or muscle. The Ceccarelli® protocol employs a physiological process naturally occurring in the body, resulting in minimal post-procedural swelling and inflammation or tenderness. One to three treatments are necessary to achieve patient results required, visible in a few days, with further improvement thereafter.

Pre care instructions:

  • If possible avoid Aspirin, Non- Steroidal Anti- Inflammatory medications such as Myprodol®, Arnica, Omega 3&6 fatty acids and high dose Vitamin E supplements for 3-10 days before the treatment to minimize bruising during treatment
  • If you have irritated or infected skin, a fungal infection, cold sore or active acne your appointment should be postponed once the skin has healed.
  • Ceccarelli is not a painful treatment but if you prefer please arrive 15 minutes early for application of numbing cream or apply EMLA® yourself at home 1 hour before the procedure. 
  • Ceccarelli® contains local anaesthetic so the treatment is contraindicated if you have an allergy to Lidocaine.

Possible side effects:

  • Initial swelling occurs simply due to the volume of Ceccarelli® solution injected. This subsides within 24 hours.
  • As with any form of injection, bruising may occur. This will last as long as your bruises usually last, between 1-2 weeks. The bruise can be covered up with concealer
  • The injection itself is not painful as there is local anaesthetic in the solution, but there can be some aching in the area for an hour or so afterwards.  Sometimes in the jowl area, it feels like a toothache.  
  • Ceccarelli®, unlike other lipolysis solutions, does not contain PPC and Deoxycholate and so does not cause inflammation, lumps and ongoing pain. It is a safe physiological solution but with effective results.

Post Care Instructions

  • Immediately post-treatment the doctor will massage a healing gel onto your skin followed by medical concealer Lycogel® or Arnica based bruising gel.
  • Do NOT take anti-inflammatories (aspirin, Nurofen®, etc.) or Vitamin E for 24 hours after injections.   You may use general painkillers (e.g. Paracetamol/ Stopayne®) if any discomfort.
  • Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen twice a day.
  • Drink lots of water on the day of your procedure.
  • Hot tubs, saunas, Jacuzzis, and massages are NOT recommended for 48 hours after treatment. 
  • Avoid any swimming in oceans or open water (outdoor) for at least a week after treatment.
  • You can resume your normal skincare immediately following your treatment
  • Repeat treatment in 2-4 weeks. Most patients require 1-3 sessions for optimal results.
  • A follow-up appointment at 2 weeks is advised.
Contact the doctor if you note any:
  • Increasing redness or tenderness,
  • Lumps appearing, abnormal swelling
  • Increasing itchiness (lasting longer than 24hours).