Charmain Testimonial

Dr Debbie helped me change my life for the better physically, emotionally and spiritually

As Dr Debbie’s former practice manager I could write books about what she meant to me; how she expanded my knowledge, my management skills, and self-esteem.

Dr Debbie not only helped me become a much better therapist, she also pulled me through some dark patches in my life, enabling me to expand into a whole new way of being with a renewed sense of self-worth and purpose. For that, I will always be grateful.

Debbie And Charmaine
Some of my happiest days spent with Dr Debbie in her practice

Dr Debbie’s knowledge and passion inspire thoughts of miracles as she enhances every patient’s natural beauty with her artistry. While she achieves breathtaking aesthetic rejuvenation results, more valuable is the self-nourishing inner journey she helps you embark on before, during, and after treatments. The way she helped me connect with my innate wisdom and self-esteem is something I will talk about for the rest of my life.

Charmaine's Driving Licence Photograph Taken In 2010
Charmain’s passport photograph taken in 2010
Charmaine's Driving Licence Photograph Taken In 2020
Charmain’s passport photograph taken in 2020

It was an emotional day when I told Dr Debbie of my plans to relocate to Cape Town – thanks in part to her helping me slay personal obstacles, but I’d like to quote what she told me, as I think it sums up her kindness and wisdom.
“Nobody has ever spoken about their job on their death bed, Charmain. You deserve to be happy, so go and live your life”.