Dermapen Infuse™

Dermapen Infuse™

Pre and Post Care Instructions

Dermapen Infuse™ delivers a combination of four different yet complementary treatments, all aimed at collagen induction and improving the quality of the skin.

  • Carboxytherapy
  • Mesotherapy with a multi-injector gun
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Microneedling with Dermapen

Dermapen Infuse™ can also be used to deliver drugs such as local anaesthetic and botulinum toxin, as well as certain dermal fillers and skin boosters. 

Pre care instructions

  • If possible avoid Aspirin, Non- Steroidal Anti- Inflammatory medications such as Myprodol®, Arnica, Omega 3&6, fatty acids and high dose Vitamin E supplements for 7-10 days before the treatment to minimize bruising during treatment. 
  • If you have irritated skin, infected skin, a fungal skin infection or active acne your appointment should be scheduled once the skin has healed.
  • Arrive half an hour before your treatment time for the application of numbing cream or apply it yourself at home half to one hour before the procedure. (Refer to “how to apply numbing cream at home” handout)
  • Remove all makeup before applying numbing cream.
  • To get the best quality of Platelet Rich Plasma, try to exercise regularly, eat a healthy “clean” diet, avoid alcohol, sugar and starch for two weeks before the treatment

Possible side effects

  • The Multi-injector gun induces minute punctures to the skin. This is not usually visible on the skin and the pierced epidermis rapidly heals in a matter of hours. However, there is a risk of pinprick bruises, especially near the eye area and neck.
  • After the procedure, the treated skin has the appearance of mild redness, blotchiness, pinprick blood spots, possibly minor bruising and slight swelling which improves over the next 24 hours.
  • Occasionally you may experience bruising in the injection areas.
  • The side effects get less and less with each session as your skin strengthens.

Post Care Instructions

  • Immediately after the treatment, the doctor will apply a post-procedure cream and a broad-spectrum sunscreen.
  • Patients are advised not to wash their face for two hours.  Ideally, only wash skin the following morning with a gentle cleanser, then apply moisturizer or barrier repair cream, concealer and sunscreen.
  • Post-procedure you can use Lycogel® medical concealer, DP Cover Recover® or a Barrier repair cream.  Lycogel® and DP Cover Recover are breathable concealers that reduces heat and inflammation as well as promotes skin healing while providing natural protection all day long. They will also keep your skin protected with SPF 30 +.
  • Avoid sun exposure for the duration of the treatment schedule. Daily use of sunscreen is recommended.
  • You can resume your normal skincare following your treatment

Further Treatments

The protocol includes a total of four sessions 4-6 weeks apart. All sessions follow the same preparation, technique, dosage and post-treatment care as the first treatment. Platelets do not need to be used in every session. 1-3 per year are sufficient.

Contact the doctor if you note any of the following:

If you experience any of the following reactions on your skin or have any other concerns, please contact Dr Norval immediately:  Bleeding, scabbing, increasing redness, white pustules appearing, abnormal swelling lasting longer than 24hours or increasing itchiness.

A follow-up appointment will be made and immediate care instructions given over the phone if necessary.