Easy Phen Chemical Peels




  • Start Skin Tech Cleanser, Blending Cream and Melablock HSP 50+   twice daily for three weeks before your peel. If your skin feels dry on these products add a barrier repair cream.
  • Avoid sun exposure or use of a tanning bed, including self-tanning products for 1 week before and 3 months after the treatment. Sun exposure within 2 weeks after treatment (natural sunlight or artificial tanning booth) may result in hypopigmentation (white spots) or hyperpigmentation (dark spots) that may not clear for several months or may even be permanent.
  • The area to be treated must be clean, and free of any lotion, makeup, and sunscreen. If you have any of these on, they must be completely washed off before treatment.
  • Roaccutane® and any other photosensitizing medication should be discontinued for at least 6 months before receiving treatment and should not be used during your course of treatment.
  • Avoid Retin-A®, Renova®, Differin® (Adapalene 0.1%) or any Vitamin A derivatives as well as home exfoliating products 3-7 days before treatment. Stop all skin lightening serums and creams 3 days before the peel.
  • Waxing and use of chemical depilatories must be avoided for 1-2 weeks before and after the treatment. 
  • 30 minutes before the peel you may take an analgesic such as Stopayne®
  • Keep hydrated on the day of the peel. Phenol is excreted in the kidneys.
  • If you are prone to fever blisters, please inform the doctor and you will be given prophylactic medication
  • You may not be pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • Please notify the doctor of any changes to your medical history, health status, or personal activities that may be relevant to your treatment.

What to expect

Day 1: Your face will  feel tight, red and hot …very much like a sunburn

Day 2: Your skin should still feel tight, dry and sensitive, but the heat should have settled.  Your skin will feel parchment-like.  You might see fine-lines or creases in the skin.   There will be areas of blotchiness or brown discolouration; this is normal.

Day 3-5: Your skin becomes crinkly and itchy and starts flaking.  The skin will flake off in pieces.  Do not pull the flakes.  Its normal at this stage to look frightening. DO NOT PANIC!

Day 6-7: Your new skin should be pink and fresh. Keep out of the sun!


  • Immediately after the peel, the doctor will apply Post Peel Mask. You will be given a small tube of Post Peel Mask to use at home
  • On the night of the peel apply the remainder of the Post Peel Mask ( it is a small tube that will be given to you to take home on the day of the peel)  If this small tube is finished you may use IPLASE cream instead every 6-8 hours or more often if very uncomfortable.
  • Do not wash your skin on the night of the peel. Just apply more Post Peel Mask or IPLase Cream on going to bed
  • Take a pain killer if necessary, every 6-8 hours
  • Drink lots of fluids to help your kidneys flush out all phenol from your system
  • Use Chloromyceton ( Chloromex®) eye ointment in your eyes and on your top and bottom lids on the evening of the procedure as your eyes might swell or be irritated from the phenol…and thereafter as needed, if eyes feel sensitive
  • You may gently wash the skin the following day but do not rub or use a facecloth … just pat gently to dry
  • Use Skin Tech post peel products as instructed: see below
  • Do not scratch pick or remove any of the flaking skin or scabs. The skin is regenerating under the scabs and peeling it off prematurely may cause redness, delayed healing and pigmentation. Apply Chloromex® or Vaseline to new skin as old skin flakes of.
  • Avoid swimming and exercise that cause sweating like jogging, spinning etc. for 8 days
  • Do not soak in a hot bath or use a sauna, steam room or jacuzzi for 8 days
  • Do NOT apply make-up until all peeling is complete.

Follow up appointments

  • Ideally you should see your aesthetic doctor on day 1 , 3 and 6 post peel

Day 1 Follow up appointment

  • Doctor will examine your skin
  • Medical photographs will be taken
  • If there the skin is wet on Day 1 a yellow antiseptic powder called Yellscreen will be applied which will stay on till it flakes off
  • If your skin is dry on Day 1 you will start the Post Peel Programme: See below

If Yellscreen is applied follow these instructions:

  • Do not wash your face till all Yellscreen is off. It will come off in 3-6 days
  • Apply Vaseline/Chloromyceton eye ointment to the new skin on the edges of the treated area as the skin and Yellscreen flakes off
  • Day 6 Follow up appointment: Vaseline can now be applied to the full face and all Yellscreen will be removed by the doctor
  • Tip: Yellscreen is messy!  Use a horseshoe shaped aeroplane pillow to force you to sleep on your back, and a linen saver so as not to mess Yellscreen on your linen
  • Once Yellscreen is off start Post Peel Programme: See below

Post Peel Programme (From day 1 post peel till day 14)

After day 15:

  • Continue using Skin Tech Cleanser twice daily
  • Restart Skin Tech Blending Cream (for pigmentation) or Skin Tech Atrofillin (for anti-aging); twice daily for 3-6 months
  • Apply Melablock HSP 50+ twice a day
  • Stay completely out of the sun for three months after the peel