Eye therapies

Eye therapy

Tired of looking tired? Irritated with “concerned” people asking if you had a long night when you actually slept very well? Are you a victim of raccoon eyes? Fortunately many non-invasive treatments address the under-eye dark circles and delicate tissue.

The loss of volume (bone and fat pads) cause under-eye hollows. Dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles create a tired, sunken appearance. These hollows get more noticeable as the skin loses volume with age and lifestyle factors, such as lack of sleep and dehydration.


Most treatments commonly used on the face and neck also help rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes. Combination treatments that provide the best results include chemical peels, Dermapen, mesotherapy, and PRP injections that all help lighten, brighten and tighten the skin, improving quality and texture.

Treatments specifically designed for the peri-orbital area include Tixel eyes, Carboxytherapy eyes and Teosyal Redensity II, a dermal filler.

In severe cases of excessive hollows and skin laxity, we might advise a surgical blepharoplasty with or without fat grafting or lipofilling into the hollowed areas.

Home care products

NeoStrata® Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy is a deeply hydrating eye cream that targets puffiness and crow’s feet, helping to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The product is not recommended for sensitive or rosacea-prone skin nor should it be used if you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy or lactating. It’s great for mature, sun-damaged skin and for those with early signs of ageing in the eye area. Its rich formulation with active ingredients needs to be introduced gently.

Platelet Rich Plasma

A course of three PRP treatments spaced a month apart is an effective targeted treatment for the delicate eye area. PRP uses the healing power of your blood to improve the skin’s thickness and texture at a cellular level. This involves tiny injections of PRP using a special mesotherapy needle around the delicate eye area.

Mesotherapy for the eye area

Mesotherapy serums, specifically designed for the peri-ocular area to tighten skin, reduce pigmentation and puffiness, are either injected manually with a special mesotherapy needle, administered with a Mesogun or infused during micro-needling.

Redensity II Dermal Filler

Dermal filler can help with dark, under-eye hollowing by lifting the tissue and blending the lower eyelid skin with the cheeks. It’s safe, simple and effective. More than a filler it also contains a dermal-restructuring complex that improves skin quality over time .

For a long-lasting, natural treatment for the under-eye circles, Teosyal PureSence Redensity II is a sophisticated three-in-one combination. The first dermal filler that has been developed specifically for the tear-trough area to address fine lines, dark circles, and deep hollows, it uses a technique that allows you to return to work post treatment. Dr Norval uses only a cannula in this delicate area, never a sharp needle. Teosyal Redensity ll is infused with amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that continue to rejuvenate the skin over time for maximum long-term results.

Redensity II fills the areas around the eyes, dissipating the shadows that cause dark circles and gently fortifying the fine skin below the eye with its combination formula. Redensity II has an ideal viscoelasticity, meaning that it has a high spreading capability that maximizes the ease of injection and the positioning of the product for a natural-appearing enhancement. Clinical trials show that Redensity ll results can last from 6 to 12 months. The treatment takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

Carboxytherapy for tear troughs

Carboxytherapy for the eye area increases the dermal collagen layer in the lower and upper eyelid skin, reducing laxity and wrinkles. Carboxytherapy also reduces lymphatic congestion, puffiness and oedema and improves perfusion and  tissue metabolism. Combined with chemical peels and mesotherapy, Carboxytherapy helps reduce hyperpigmentation in the under-eye area.

Carboxytherapy being applied under the eyes

Carboxytherapy reduces dark circles and vascular pooling that colour the under-eye area a violet blue and addresses the mild fatty prolapse that makes the under-eye area bulge. Carboxytherapy can also “pneumo-dissect” the tethered tear trough ligament, helping to lift the hollow dark circles.

Tear Troughs Before And After
Tear troughs before and after Teosyal Redensity II Filler

A recommended course of 6-8 Carboxytherapy treatments two weeks apart is an ideal treatment before having under eye fillers or surgical blepharoplasty.


Tixel is a new skin tightening and contouring procedure designed to safely treat facial wrinkles without significant pain or downtime. It uses tiny heated cones pressed into the skin to stimulate collagen, tighten the skin and allow for deeper penetration of eye mesotherapy serums. Tixel provides excellent results with low pain, low downtime and quick patient recovery.

Tixel is an impressive alternative to surgery, allowing a gentle correction of moderate loose skin. For eyelid lifts (non-surgical blepharoplasty) 3-4 sessions may be required, performed every 4-6 weeks. Tixel is perfect for people who want to avoid surgery a gradual, scar-less correction and not alter their look significantly. Tixel has minimal downtime and results last between 12-24 months .

Tixel Eyelid Lift vs Blepharoplasty surgery?

Tixel is a non-surgical medical procedure ideal for mild to moderate skin laxity . For patients with severe loose eyelid skin and puffy eyelids, a surgical blepharoplasty is still the “gold standard” for patients , with results lasting more than 10 years, and only a few weeks of downtime.

Cecarelli lipolysis for under eye fat pads

As they get older some people notice small fat pads bulging under the eyes. This is called “pseudo-herniation of the infra-orbital fat pads”, the result of laxity of the infra-orbital septum and orbicular muscles with age. Ceccarelli lipolytic solution is a safe way to reduce the fat in these fat pads without resorting to surgery. It involves tiny injections of solution using a mesotherapy needle. This can be repeated every two weeks until the fat pads are minimised. 2-3 sessions are usually sufficient.

An alternative to Ceccarelli solution is a homeopathic solution called Lymphomyosot. This is administered in the same way but more sessions may be required.

Dry eye syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that affects millions world wide. Its incidence increases with age, and affects more women than men. Dry eye occurs when people don’t have enough tears, or the proper composition of tears.

The tear film is composed of three layers that depend on each other for proper function. The meibomian glands (in the eyelids) produce the outermost oily layer of the tear film and help reduce evaporation of the tears. The middle watery layer is made by the lacrimal gland and washes away irritants. The inner mucus layer is secreted by the goblet cells in the conjunctiva (mucous lining) of the eye and helps the tear film stick to the cornea.

Tixel is an innovative fractional thermal device to treat dry eyes. During the procedure, tiny titanium tipped pyramids press their tips into the skin at a specific temperature, along the upper and lower eyelid of both eyes depending on individual parameters.

The treatment takes less than ten minutes and involves only a little discomfort and heat but no pain. Usually it is possible to pursue your normal day to day life right after the therapy.In most cases, two to three sessions are necessary, four in case of severe eye dryness, with intervals of two to three weeks. Most of the patients notice a significant improvement right after the first session.

Eye Lash treatments

Eyelashes not only protect the eye from debris, sweat and dust, they also play an important aesthetic role. Full, long and thick eyelashes can dramatically change a person’s face. The lifespan of an eyelash is 8 months and once lost can take up to eight weeks to grow back. That is why it’s best to avoid unnecessary damage by applying fake lashes. Rather treat and thicken your own eyelashes naturally.

MD Lash

MD Lash is a home care product that strengthens and thickens eylashes, maintains them for longer and promotes length, shine and thickness . MD Lash conditioner treatment contains cytokines, antioxidants, milk proteins and peptides. If used daily results are visible in four weeks.

AQ Lash

AQ Lash is a safe, natural serum designed to promote longer, thicker, darker eyelashes and brows through a patented Growth Factor Formula by encouraging hair matrix production. With regular daily use, AQ Lash helps achieve fuller, longer, and more youthful-looking lashes and brows without any undesirable side effects.