Genii Aesthetic Roller

Genii Aestheti

Genii Aestheti Roller

The Genii Aestheti-Roller, with titanium needles attached to a cylindrical roller, is used for regular home rolling ‒  0.25 mm for the face, 0.5mm for neck and body, or if skin texture is coarse.

Rolling creates thousands of micro-channels into the epidermis, which increases penetration of creams and serums by 1500 %. This sets off the natural wound healing response with the release of Epidermal Growth Factors. The micro-channels allow active ingredients to penetrate through the Stratum Corneum (the superficial dead cell layer) to reach the target cells nearer the Basement Membrane of the epidermis. The goal of treatment is a healthy, well-regulated epidermis with a natural glow, increased hydration, refined texture and even skin tone.

Genii Aestheti Roller can be used on all areas of the face, neck and body and has interchangeable heads with a larger Body Roller attachment, is ideal for stretch marks or larger areas of crépey skin e.g. upper arms.

The process feels like a mild tickling or scratchy sensation. There is no damage to the skin and it can be used on thin skin. No sun sensitivity is induced, as daily rolling increases your skin’s natural sun protection.

Rollers need to be changed about once a year or when you notice the blades starting to “stick”

Contra indications

Do not roll your skin if you have:

  • Active acne
  • Warts
  • Infected skin
  • Herpes
  • Tendency to keloids

Instructions for use

  • Use daily at night just before going to bed
  • Be disciplined and make it a daily habit like brushing your teeth
  • Cleanse first with your usual cleanser
  • Apply one layer of an appropriate serum for your skin condition such as anti-oxidant or vit C serum,  collagen boosting serum, skin  lightening serum
  • Roll for 2 minutes maximum on face, neck and décolleté. Hold the roller gently between fingers and thumb. There is no need to use force or press hard. Let the needles do the work.
  • Roll in 4  directions:  vertical/horizontal/diagonal to left /diagonal the right
  • The effect you want to see is mild redness, nothing more. No bleeding
  • Re-apply a second layer of serum
  • Use your usual night cream.
  • If there is any irritation or sensitivity reduce rolling to three times a week and slowly increase frequency once the skin is used to it.

Cleaning Genii Aestheti Roller

  • Rinse Genii Roller under hot running water to remove serum immediately after use
  • Soak  for a minute in dilute Milton solution: 100 ml water  to 0.6 ml Milton
  • Never leave the roller in the Milton solution. It will destroy the titanium blades.
  • Daily rolling can be done long term. However, once your skin condition is optimised, you can reduce the frequency to a maintenance level of once or twice a week.