Hand drawn by Debbie

The Upper Hand

The Upper Hand

Our hardworking hands are often neglected (I’m the worst culprit!) and deserve special care and attention.

The hands age at the same rate as the face, but the ageing process differs and requires a multi-modal approach to treatment.

Some of the changes that occur in our hands as we age include:

  • Sun spots and mottled pigmentation
  • Loss of elastin and collagen resulting in thin , translucent skin with fine wrinkles
  • Loss of hydration causing dry crêpey skin
  • Brittle nails
  • Loss of subcutaneous fat and muscle with subsequent prominence of tendons and veins
  • “Skeletonisation”of the hands
  • Fragile veins and capillaries with easy bruising
  • Solar Keratosis
  • Seborrhoeic Keratosis ( “Granny warts” )

A combination approach

Fortunately there is an aesthetic treatment for each of these problems. Successful hand rejuvenation requires a combination approach. Most patients will benefit from a course of collagen induction therapy including skin boosters, biostimulators or PRP ( platelet rich plasma), Microneedling with Dermapen, Carboxytherapy or Tixel.

Dermal fillers are used to address the loss of subcutaneous fat and volume loss resulting in a softening of the visible tendons and veins . Dermal fillers that have biostimulator effects are the most effective in this area.

A blunt cannula is used in the delicate hand area instead of a needle. Lamprobe, ILP/BBL or TCA Peels are used to treat pigmentation. Any benign skin lesions are removed with Shave Biopsy or Lamprobe and sent to the lab for histology if necessary.

So, to gain the upper hand, don’t overlook successful and satisfying hand treatments.