Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation of the hands

Your face looks fabulous but what about your hands? Wrinkled, sun-damaged, bony hands with sun spots are equally deserving of rejuvenation, especially if you’d like to keep your chronological age to yourself.  These remedial options can achieve youthful hands

Chemical Peels

  • Chemical Peels increase skin cell turnover , reduce pigmentation, reverse sun damage and regenerate the dermis
  • When having a peel on your face why not include your hands as well?
  • A TCA spot peel solution is applied precisely to individual sun spots on the backs of the hands
  • Superficial,medium ad deep peels are available for hands,depending on the need and down time required

Dermal Fillers and biostimulators

  • Dermal fillers improve the appearance of ageing hands with thin skin, prominent blood vessels and tendons
  • Used to replace the natural fat loss that occurs with ageing, fillers naturally plump up the backs of hands
  • Research shows that fillers increase hydration in the overlying skin
  • Ellanse biostimulators are ideal fillers for hands as they result in collagen stimulation as well as volume
  • Dermal filler for the back of the hands are injected with a cannula and the procedure is not painful.
  • Results last between 1-2 years depending on type of filler used

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

  • PRP is used to increase quality, integrity, texture and luminosity of skin on the back of your hands.
  • PRP uses the power of your blood platelets and plasma to repair and rejuvenate the skin. Improvement in skin is visible from six weeks due to the potent collagen induction


  • Tixel uses thermomechanical ablative technology to improve the quality of the skin on the backs of the hands
  • The procedure is comfortable after application of local anaesthetic and downtime is minimal
  • Three sessions are advised one month apart


  • Medical microneedling with the addition of skin boosters is an effective treatment for the backs of the hands
  • This treatment can be added on while having a microneeedling treatment for the face


  • Carboxytherapy is ideal for collagen stimulation of the skin of the backs of the hands and can be added on to any other hand rejuvenating treatment

Mesotherapy with skin boosters

  • Skin boosters like Redensity from Teosyal are used to improve skin hydration as well as provide a cocktail of nutrients, vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants for improving skin quality
  • Meso solutions are injected manually or with a mesogun or applied during micro-needling procedures