Mesotherapy is a technique involving injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten skin, as well as remove excess fat. Michel Pistor, French physician, pioneered the technique in 1952. mesotherapy was originally used to relieve pain. In the years since, it has gained worldwide popularity.

Mesotherapy is used to treat:

  • fat in areas like the jowls, double chin and stomach
  • cellulite
  • wrinkles and lines
  • loose skin
  • pigmentation
  • alopecia (hair loss)

There isn’t a standard formula for the substances injected in mesotherapy. Doctors use many different solutions depending on the specific problem being treated.

Vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts rejuvenate and tighten skin,

Mesotherapy is injected with a multi-needle mesotherapy device (Mesogun) or with the traditional manual French Mesotherapy technique using specialized Mesorelle needles. Mesotherapy solutions contain growth factors,  hydrating serums, antioxidants, peptides and vitamins. Mesotherapy is primarily used as an anti-ageing treatment to firm skin and improve skin tone, elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles but it can be tailored to treat other problems such as pigmentation or scarring.

By definition any medication injected into the skin, fat or tissues is a medical procedure thus can only be performed by a doctor or nurse. Using this technique, active ingredients that are highly beneficial to the skin can be directly injected into the areas they are most needed. Similarly, active ingredients that are able to break down fat and cellulite can be injected directly to the problem area.

Mesotherapy is safe in all skin types without significant pain or down-time.