Fb Michele

Dr Debbie has been helping me retain my looks for the past eight years.

This has involved mostly having fillers around the mouth and fat-dissolving injections that work wonders in halting the progression of jowls. All Dr Debbie’s treatments are highly satisfactory and so effective that nobody has guessed my real age, which is 70 and a few months.

Two years ago a poisonous spider bit me between my eyebrows. It left a ghastly scab and some serious scarring after the site became necrotic, but under Dr Debbie’s careful ministrations, the scar is no longer visible at all. .

Scar Michele
Spider bite treatment

Dr Debbie is very kind and caring, makes me feel secure and I am always more than satisfied by the way she helps me retain my younger appearance even as I grow older.

Visiting her practice is always a pleasure as I come away feeling refreshed and confident.