Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror Skin Analysis

The Smart Mirror, an advanced skin analysis system combines visible ultraviolet and polarized light spectral imaging with artificial intelligence to prove clinical measurements for image analysis. It’s a non-invasive, safe, digital imaging technology much like a fancy camera.

The Smart Mirror analyses 10 aspects of the epidermis and dermis then compares your skin to the same age group of the general population. The highter the percentage, the better the condition of your skin.

The 10 skin conditions analysed are:
  • pores
  • red and brown spots
  • wrinkles, texture
  • porphyrins (bacterial presence)
  • dermal pigmentation
  • moisture levels
  • sensitivity
  • UV damage
  • skin metabolism
  • cellular activity

The Smart mirror is a scientific way of documenting your skin’s progress before, during, and after a course of collagen induction therapy via Carboxytherapy, Dermapen, PRP or Tixel. It is a great way to see that your medical grade cosmeceutical products making a difference. The smart mirror can recommend various treatments and products for your individual skin concerns.

Smart Mirror Analysis
Surface and sub-surface analysis using the Smart Mirror