Sonia Stojanovic


Sonia Stojanovic

I have been seeing Dr Debbie for nine years now. She is an absolute godsend to me

As a single woman of 67 who runs her own company with high-powered clients in big business, NGO’s and Government, I have to be taken seriously as a fully capable older woman with a lot to contribute. Thus, looking my best and younger than my years, is critical to my credibility and ultimate financial success.

Dr Debbie is a godsend for me in this regard.  She does not just support me aesthetically using the most current powerful interventions for my physical and emotional wellness, she also works with me to help strengthen my confidence and how I carry myself in my working world. She is a great advisor and moral support and I know she genuinely cares about me as her client. Her practice goes far beyond the transactional

Dr Debbie’s work maintains the highest standard of excellence and her thirst for learning, growing, and developing herself as an outstanding professional of great integrity and courage is inspirational.  I trust her implicitly and am ever grateful for her assistance and support.