Black Legs Stella

Dr Debbie gave me a new lease on life and helped renew my confidence

From a young age, I suffered from varicose veins inherited from my mom. After seeing many doctors I eventually consulted with Dr Debbie Norval in 2011.

Dr Debbie’s calm professionalism and her caring manner hugely impressed me as I had never before felt comfortable exposing my blue and purple legs. She recommended sclerotherapy and explained the process in detail. She also recommended carboxytherapy for summer.

Thanks to Dr Debbie’s artistry, the improvement of my leg veins became evident after just two sessions with her. I used to envy women wearing shorts and swimsuits on the beach but today I feel free and confident enough to wear shorts too.

Time reveals true character and I can honestly say that Debbie is no ordinary doctor. Her smile always puts me at ease. She is innovative and knowledgeable, constantly educating herself to improve her knowledge of every condition she encounters.

Thank you, Dr Debbie, for giving me a new lease on life.