Tixel® pre and post treatment

Tixel® pre and post care instructions

Pre- Care instructions

  • Stop retinol and any steroid containing products 3 days before Tixel®
  • Stop Roaccutane® or equivalent medication 2 weeks before Tixel®
  • Patients with melasma and hormonal pigmentation or darker skins will need 4 weeks of skin preparation with anti-pigmentation products before Tixel® to maximize results.
  • Stop skin lightening creams and serums 3 days before Tixel®
  • Come for your appointment with a clean make-up free face (including eye makeup)
  • If having Tixel® around the eye area it is essential to clean off all residual mascara and eye makeup.
  • Numbing cream will be applied 30 minutes before the procedure
  • If you suffer from fever blisters please inform us as its advisable to take prophylactic anti-viral medication eg Zelitrex® as Tixel® near the lips can trigger a cold sore.

Expected downtime

  • Day 1: Immediately after treatment, the skin is red, feels hot and is slightly swollen for 3-6 hours. The skin may feel sensitive and red like a sunburn.  If you have very sensitive skin e.g. rosacea you may be puffy and swollen for a few days.
  • Day 2: Your skin will still be red but no longer feel hot. On day 2 you may be a bit swollen and puffy.
  • Day 3: You will start to see tiny brown dots which are micro-scabs.  Tixel creates microchannels in the skin and tiny micro-crusting will appear in the treated area that will last about 3 days, then flake off.
  • Day 4-6: Your skin may your skin might feel a bit rough like sandpaper. The micro-scabs will gently flake off and by day 5-6 you should be fully healed.
  • Neck and body: it takes longer for the micro scabs to fall off after neck and body treatments as the cell turnover is slower than the face
  • There should be no oozing, crusting, bruising, blistering or bleeding at any stage!
  • You can go back to work the next day

Post Care

After treatment apply Regim-A Laser Azu Balm® as often as needed for the first two days (with clean hands!)

  • Endocare® serums are a superb optional extra for the first 24 hours to add Growth Factors and Vitamin C to speed up healing time
  • Depending on your skin condition you may be given topical medications to apply while the microchannels are still open (6 -24 hrs)
  • After 24 hours the microchannels are completely closed and you can start using a Barrier Repair cream eg SVR Cicavit® cream as your moisturizer
  • After 48 hours you may apply concealer or makeup eg Lycogel® or DP Cover Recover®
  • Do not pick, touch or scratch the tiny scabs; let them flake off naturally
  • Apply sunblock religiously twice daily for 3 months after treatment
  • Take 2 Zelitrex® on the day of treatment (provided by the practice if needed) if you are prone to cold sores/fever blisters