Tixel® offers revolutionary thermo-mechanical ablative (TMA) technology with a wide range of revitalizing and rejuvenating applications. Tixel® is making (thermal) waves for its outstanding results in tightening skin, stimulating collagen production, pore reduction, clearing up acne , softening scars and ironing out wrinkles. TMA is also effective in treating Dry Eye Disease (DED). TMA technology facilitates rapid absorption of transdermal drug delivery allowing treatment of difficult conditions such as melasma, hormonal pigmentation and rosacea.

Dr Norval applies fractional resurfacing to a scar. Tixel ‘s thermal heat kills any ‘bugs’ on the skin’s surface.

Tixel® has results similar to a fractional CO2 laser, but is radiation and laser free with minimal downtime. Tixel® uses 81 tiny heated gold and copper cones plated with titanium to deliver Thermo-Mechanical Ablation (TMA) technology to treat and tighten loose skin on eyelids, cheek mouth, peri-oral lines, neck, décolletage, jowls, jawlines, hands and even stretch marks on the abdomen.

The Tixel® wand used for eyelid tightening is perfect for people who want to avoid surgery.

Pressed on the skin, the 81 cones create 81 micro-channels that enable deeper penetration of medications and serums. Non-invasive and suitable for all skin types with minimal downtime, the procedure is relatively pain-free, requiring only a little topical anaesthetic. After a few days tiny little dots appear in the skin , these are micro-scabs and they flake off in 3-4 days revealing rejuvenated skin.

Charmain Tixel For Main Image
Dr Debbie Norval applies Tixel to crows feet

Tixel® : Invented in Israel and made in Germany by Novoxel

  • harnesses the skin’s natural healing process
  •  stimulates neo-collagenesis
  •  increases cell turnover
  •  facilitates the absorption of products that results in skin resurfacing, rejuvenation, and tightening with the power of thermal heat
  • offers minimal downtime and
  • is non-invasive

Upper eyelids

Tixel®’s innovative, non-invasive tightening of loose skin makes it an impressive alternative to surgical blepharoplasty. The gentle correction of loose skin on the eyelids is done using a special eye handpiece containing 24 cones instead of the usual 81. Eye treatment requires three to four Tixel® sessions performed every three to six weeks. Being a gradual, scarless correction, Tixel® eyelid tightening is perfect for people who want to avoid surgery.  

Following treatment, there might be temporary swelling and a slight pinkness of the eyelids,  which settles in 48-72 hours. Tiny micro-scabs appear on day 2-3 and can easily be covered with concealer.

Tixel Eyes
After one Tixel treatment, the softening of crow’s feet (right) is readily apparent.


Tixel® is effective for the treatment of rosacea . The increased skin integrity minimizes the visibility of the underlying vascularity. The thermal heat from Tixel® kills the parasite Demodex Folliculorum that is associated with rosacea. Lastly transdermal drug delivery of topical Botulinum Toxin is used immediately after treatment . Botulinum Toxin reaches the dermis without any injections, constricting blood vessels with lasting results. Tixel® is used in gentle non-ablative settings for the treatment of rosacea, diminishing the redness and flushing with minimal discomfort and no downtime.


Tixel Burns
Tixel used to treat facial burns. The (after ) picture on the right shows how well the skin has responded 30 days after the third Tixel treatment.

Neck tightening

Neck Tightening With Tixel
Neck tightening with Tixel. On the right is the rejuvenated neck following three Tixel treatments.

Healing scars

Tixel For Scars
Scarring is considerably softened with Tixel as seen by the image on the right, showing the scar 30 days after the third Tixel treatment.

A typical Tixel® treatment

  • Local anaesthetic cream is applied on cleansed skin for 30 mins.
  • During the  treatment, most patients feel a momentary sense of heat that passes almost as soon as it’s registered
  • At the end of the session, there’s a sense of heat and tingling that feels a lot like sunburn. The following day the heat will have settled but the skin may still be red.
  • Tiny micro crusts become visible after 2-3 days and will be visible for a day or two before they flake off.  It is possible to use medical concealer at this stage.
  • It is important not to use exfoliants, glycolic or retinol-based products for two weeks after Tixel®. Protect the skin from direct sunlight for four weeks afterwards.
  • A dermal recovery product should be applied post treatment. This might be laser balm, barrier repair cream and/or a serum.
  • There is no need to miss work after Tixel® With a bit of medical concealer you can continue life as usual.
Click here for pre and post-care instructions for Tixel Treatments