Top Seven Rejuvenation Trends

Seven rejuvenation trends

The only constant in life is change. This is especially relevant in the rapidly evolving aesthetics industry, which has moved from stigma to FOMO

Thanks to celebrities and influencers promoting the latest trends on social media and happily sharing their own procedures online, medical aesthetics has been normalised. Anyone not having treatments is perceived to be missing out. Here are seven current trends


It’s the new buzzword as studies show millennials are nearly twice as likely as older adults to seek preventive aesthetic procedures.

Holistic treatments

A more multi-pronged approach that might include anti-ageing treatments, hormone or vitamin replacement, hair restoration, medically-controlled weight loss, and even genital rejuvenation. Feel as good as you look.

Cell-based breakthroughs

Cell-based therapies including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or stem cell therapy ‒ the extraction of stem cells from the patient’s own fat ‒ are being used in rejuvenation treatments. While these new therapies show promise, the jury is still out on safety issues. However, the mix of Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine is being monitored with interest.

Genetic Customisation

Thanks to genetic testing for hair loss, weight loss, detoxification, sun sensitivity, pigmentation, insulin sensitivity, and bone health, doctors can personalize their patients treatments precisely according to their individual genetic make-up.

Intimate rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation ‒ a convenient low downtime procedure ‒ includes the use of radiofrequency, laser treatments, PRP, fat grafting, stem cell therapy, dermal fillers, PDO sutures, chemical peels and Botulinum toxin. Recovery time is measured in hours and patient satisfaction is high.

Men, too, are embracing new non-invasive methods for improving erectile function as well as an increase in thickness and length of their genitalia.

TMA technology/Tixel

The new collagen-inducing Tixel with Thermo-Mechanical Ablation (TMA) technology uses pure thermal energy in a fractionated pattern is an alternative to laser resurfacing, minus the pain, downtime or risks, but with similar results.

Luscious lip shaping

“Less is more” when it comes to lip augmentation. Oversized lips are out, even in Hollywood, and unlikely to make a comeback any time soon. The shaping of lips will be more refined and proportionate with a focus on rejuvenation or asymmetry correction to create a facial balance.

 Adapted from Longevity Issue December 2019.