Warsaw Workshop

World Congress in Poland

As president of AAMSSA Dr Debbie attended the 22nd World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging held in Warsaw in September 2019

She attended the UIME board meeting, gave lectures on Aesthetic Medicine for the elderly and the importance of sharing information via a journal club system. This four-day meeting of physicians, distinguished scientists, and key industry experts worldwide, unveiled some of the latest innovations in Aesthetic Medicine

What a privilege it was to attend last years’ most celebrated medical gathering, hosted by the Polish Society of Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine under the leadership of their president Dr Andrzej Ignacuik.

Dr Debbie received an award for her contribution to the congress

The patron of the conference was the Union Internationale de Medicine Esthetique ( UIME) of which the Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine Society of South Africa is a member.

The workshops focused on Evidence-Based Medicine,  Hematogenous products (PRP and PRF), Fillers, Peels, Threads and Anatomy.  Sessions on The Eye, Mid to Lower face and Complications were fascinating as were doctors specialising in Regenerative Medicine discussing which systems were the most effective, efficient and safest to work with when it came to using and destroying fat. 

Debbie With
Dr Norval with the President of The Polish Aesthetic Medicine society and president of UIME ( International Union of Aesthetic Medicine) Dr Andrzej Ignacuik

We also drilled down into more in-depth information on Biostimulation, Botulinum toxin, key elements of the face, Dermatology and working with High Tech Equipment.

Dr Jean Jacques Legrand
Dr Debbie Norval with one of the founding fathers of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Jean Jacques Legrand

At a UIME board meeting chaired by Dr Emmanuele Bartletti, secretary of UIME and president of the Italian Aesthetics society, tribute was paid to Dr Jean Jacque Legrand, one of the founding fathers of UIME, established in 1973.  Dr Andrzej Ignacuik from Poland was elected president and Dr Blanca Miller from Mexico, vice president.